The professional staff of the libraries aims to develop information literacy skills and promote critical thinking in our students’ choice, retrieval and use of all information formats.

Upper School Library

The Lloyd S. Gilmour Library Media Center provides students with an ever-growing collection of physical and digital resources that are available for student research and pleasure reading. Research is aided through the availability of an online catalog (which can be accessed at, various journals and periodicals, online subscription databases, and WiFi access to the Internet. The library also provides students access to eReaders, Chromebooks, and desktop workstations to complete school work.

The library serves as a reading, research, and collaborative study center. When using the library, students are expected to be respectful to other patrons and use the available computers responsibly. All students are free to use the library for academic work during lunch periods, before/after school, and during their unscheduled periods.

The library staff offers instruction to students on how to use the library’s resources, aids them with research, and provides reading guidance. Special programs within each grade’s curriculum utilize the library to help students learn detailed methods of writing a major research paper.

Lower School Library

All grades visit the Peter Franklin Dunn Library at least once a week and receive regular instruction in library skills and information access. The library immerses children in the world of literature and imagination through storytelling, creative dramatics, and creative writing. Students learn how to locate information and to use online encyclopedias and the Internet when conducting research. Third, fourth and fifth grade students are expected to be independent users of the library.

Library Hours

Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

*Saturday & Sunday: Closed
*During the summer months (July & August) and on weekends, the libraries are closed. However, if you need something from the library or need to speak to the librarian please e-mail: