A warm welcome to Portledge School!

The start of any new venture is always filled with a mix of emotions - even more so for our children. As a family, you have already taken your first steps into our community and we look forward to helping you navigate the often fraught first few weeks of a new school environment. You join Portledge at a very exciting time in its history, we a new annual Strategic Plan “Portledge Strong” focusing on re-establishing normal on-campus learning and looking boldly towards the future with our new Master Plan Phase 2 beginning this year.

On this page, you will find some general links that will, hopefully, help answer any questions that you may have regarding the start of your journey here at Portledge School. Your first port of call should be the Parent Resource Board, which is linked below. Here you will find a lot of relevant information from health forms to lunch menus!

We are always here to help, whether it be the Admissions Office, the Division Directors, your child's advisor/homeroom teacher, or myself. Don't be afraid to email or call with any questions you may have.

Simon Owen-Williams
Head of School

Abbreviated Calendar

Questions? Please contact admissions@portledge.org

Divisional Links


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