Tuition Schedule 2019-2020

Financial Aid

Portledge attracts students from a variety of backgrounds and makes financial aid available to families who could not attend the school without such support. Students who have an interest in attending Portledge School are encouraged to apply for admission, regardless of a family’s ability to pay tuition. All financial aid awards are need-based and are in the form of grants, which do not have to be repaid. The admissions and financial aid decisions are separate ones.

More than 20% of Portledge students receive some need-based financial aid. Awards range from partial to full tuition and families from a wide range of income levels have qualified for assistance based on individual family circumstances. Although it is our goal to accommodate all students who are accepted to the school, our budget is limited and priority is given to current students. All awards will be reviewed annually.

Merit Scholarships

Portledge School is a leader among independent schools for educating students of high ability and leaders of character. We believe in honoring the gifts and talents of students and have developed a process to distinguish and award incoming students who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement, exceeding talent in a co-curricular offering or characteristics of true leadership potential.

Portledge School values excellence in scholarship and has an academic environment that offers students the chance to Explore, Create, and Excel in all areas of their studies. The academic program is supplemented by co-curricular offerings in the visual and theater arts, music, athletics and technology providing students the opportunity to develop and pursue passions beyond the classroom. And at the core of our community are the Portledge Pillars of citizenship which we define as Kindness, Purpose, Honor, and Respect. Student applicants who demonstrate excellence in the above are eligible to be recognized with small merit scholarship awards to honor these traits that strengthen our community and further our scholarly endeavors.

Merit Scholarships

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  • The Process

    For those that are interested in being considered as a candidate for Merit Scholarships, please inquire with the admissions office. The Merit Scholarship Committee will review all applicants and examine each file focusing on demonstrated achievement in studies as evidenced in the student’s  academic records, standardized testing, school recommendations, reviews from the interview, and potential for impact potential participation in co-curricular areas as they identify potential candidates for a merit scholarship. The Merit Scholarship Committee will determine recipients and communicate awards.
  • Awards

    Currently, 5% of the Portledge student body has been recognized as Merit Scholars based on scholarship, citizenship, co-curricular prowess and legacy. Awards range from covering 7.5 % of the tuition to, in largest of awards, covering 50 % of tuition, with various increments in between. Awards are offered with the intent of covering the allocated percentage of award through the students time in the academic division in which they began, as long as key academic and behavioral standards are being met. The amount of merit awards dollars available to the large applicant pool fluctuates annually based upon total budget, the number of merit scholars and dollars that are previously committed and/or any specific areas of recruitment identified by the admissions office.
  • New: Primary Scholars Program

    Portledge School, in conjunction with the Merit Scholarship program, now offers our Primary Scholars Program which will focus on recognizing top quality rising first grade applicants and offering merit scholarship awards. For those that wish to apply, click here for more information and for the outlined process.

Apply for Financial Aid

To apply for financial aid you must:
  • Check the Financial Aid box on the Portledge Registration for Application, which will prompt a conversation about the process and necessary steps.
  • Complete and submit the School and Student Service (SSS) for Financial Aid, Parent Financial Statement (PFS) online.
  • Submit copies of your 2018 and 2019 United States Federal Income Tax Return Form 1040 and all related tax return documents to Portledge or by e-mail to
  • Sign IRS Form 4506 and return it to Portledge or e-mail to
  • Obtain a credit report from Equifax, Experian, or Transunion and forward to Portledge or e-mail to
In addition to financial aid, as discussed above, information about a payment plan is available to all Portledge families.

Financial Aid Calendar

The School and Student Service Portal is open November 1, 2019, for parents to begin the Financial Aid Application and is due no later than February 1, 2020. The additional paperwork of a signed 4506 form (available on website), current year federal taxes, and a current credit report for both parents are due no later than March 1, 2020. All submitted data will be reviewed by the Financial Assistance Committee with notification beginning mid-March.