Athletics is an important part of the educational experience at Portledge School.

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  • Lower School Philosophy

    The primary purpose of the Lower School physical education program is to provide an opportunity for the students to reach their personal best. Each student is at a different developmental stage, with various needs and different interests; because of this our lessons will be geared towards a wide range of skills and fitness levels needed by our students. Each grade level will focus on the appropriate and varying developmental stages of its students. The Lower School physical education program is designed to be inclusive, interactive, fun and progress into the secondary level of team skill development. It is critical to provide students with opportunities to develop lifelong skills essential to enhancing their quality of life while promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. Students will learn to lead more healthy lifestyles and will continue to develop their social and emotional, critical thinking, and problem solving skills; all centerpieces of a Portledge education.
  • Middle School Philosophy

    The Middle School program is designed mainly to meet the developmental needs of its participants and to provide an enjoyable experience while students begin to choose favorite sports. At this level, the focus is on participation through learning athletic skills, game rules, the fundamentals of team play, and building self-esteem and sportsmanship. During the course of each season, sport-specific skills will be taught and character will be further developed.
  • Upper School Philosophy

    Upper School Athletics provides students with further social interaction as well as the ability to better their lifestyle and compete for school pride. During their Upper School experience, students will be presented with the opportunity to choose a healthy lifestyle in which fitness and exercise can play a big role. For students who choose to compete in interscholastic athletics, this will allow them the opportunity to gain self-confidence and to feel pride in the accomplishments of their team. For students who do not choose to compete in interscholastic athletics, they will have the opportunity to exercise and learn skills which will better their lifestyle through our Physical Education classes. Both groups of students will further their educational and overall experience through athletics.


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    Amy Mulligan 

    Director of Athletics
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    Daniel Kapps 

    Associate Director of Athletics, US
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  • Photo of Isaac Middleton

    Isaac Middleton 

    Associate Director of Athletics, MS
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    Taylor Holze 

    Administrative Student Athletes Coordinator, Varsity Girls Hockey Coach
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    Lauren Mahoney 

    Athletic Trainer / Health & Wellness Teacher
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