We are thrilled to announce the 2021 Virtual Portledge Benefit! At its core, this annual affair is the perfect opportunity for our vast community of supporters to come together and make great things happen for something they all believe in – Portledge School. Each year, dollars raised from this exciting event help to strengthen our unique community by further supporting various school initiatives throughout the year.

This year, as most appropriate, the Portledge Benefit will honor one of our most dedicated and esteemed constituencies – the Portledge Faculty. Their tireless efforts to ensure our students' unparalleled education (even in the most uncertain of times) is nothing short of remarkable, and we can think of no better group to honor than these world-class educators.  

As we advance into the first half of 2021, Portledge continues to have an amazing vision for our future. A vision that we can only achieve with the support of our community and the outstanding work of our faculty. There is no doubt that Portledge is stronger because we are in this together. 

Proceeds from the auction will serve to directly support the Portledge Faculty through professional development, upgraded technology, salaries, and benefits.

Benefit Wishlist 2021

Benefit Committee 2021

Christina Pata
Jessica Chitty