Dear Portledge Community,
It has been an exciting first year for me as President of the Board of Trustees. This excitement began back in September with the opening of the Portledge Commons, as well as releasing our new three-year Strategic Plan, and has continued through June when I had the pleasure of speaking to the graduating class of 2018. There is a lot we should be proud of as our school continues to grow, cementing its standing as one of the finest independent schools not only in our region but also beyond.
The continued success of Portledge is largely a result of the thoughtful planning and forward-thinking that many leaders in our community have taken. I am proud to say that we have advanced this planning with the development of a new 10-year Campus Master Facilities Plan.
Serving as both a detailed analysis of our current campus assets and a roadmap for future facilities, the new Master Facilities Plan is a significant milestone in Portledge’s history. A milestone that will secure our great legacy for years to come as future generations of Portledge students and families entrust their educational and social development to our fine school. This plan offers a unique vision that provides new teaching and learning opportunities by creating spaces that are innovative, flexible and functional while balancing the desire to protect the natural beauty and openness of our sixty-three-acre campus.
Created over the last eighteen months, the new Portledge Campus Master Facilities Plan is a result of the significant work of the Board of Trustees and is the collective vision of many community members including students, parents, faculty, administration, and staff. In partnership with Bowie Gridley Architects, this new document is a testament to the sustained commitment we have made in providing a competitive, inclusive, and exceptional academic environment.
I look forward to providing updates on the progress of this plan and welcome any questions or feedback you may have.
Samara Meshel
President, Portledge Board of Trustees

Campus Master Facilities Plan

Feedback or Questions?

You are a part of the plan! Your support of the Campus Master Facilities Plan is crucial to its success. We welcome any questions or feedback you may have.