Welcome from Alumni Council President

Dear Alumni Community, 

As 2020 remains in our rearview mirror, the varying difficulties we have all faced last year continue to challenge us and remain a part of everyday life in 2021. Please know we are thinking of you and wishing you and your loved ones the utmost health and happiness. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted so many of us, but as a school Portledge continues to adapt, evolve, and find ways to make a difference as the needs of the community and the world are ever-changing. Since the pandemic started, Portledge has worked tirelessly to address and solve various issues surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic effects on the school. Portledge’s ability to successfully navigate these uncertain times is a direct result of the deep connection that exists between the school and our community. Often, in times like these, we find ourselves asking what we can do to make a difference. One way to make a difference is by staying involved in our community. 

The 2021 Virtual Portledge Benefit is the perfect opportunity for our community to come together and make great things happen for Portledge School. Each year, dollars raised from the Benefit help to strengthen the school community by supporting various school initiates throughout the year. This year, the Portledge Benefit will honor the Portledge Faculty. To find ways to make a difference, please visit https://www.portledge.org/benefit-2021. 

Additionally, donating to the Portledge Fund is another way to give back to the school. The Portledge Fund directly supports the general operating budget of the school. This year, like never before, dollars raised through the Portledge Fund will be of uttermost importance as the school continues to provide an unmatched Portledge experience while safely operating within the confines of the pandemic. Donations to the Portledge Fund can be made online at https://portledge.myschoolapp.com/page/donation-form. 

As we continue to find comfort in reaching out to one another, consider joining the Alumni Council for the 2021-2022 school year. The Alumni Association is dedicated to working in partnership with the school, current students, and alumni to continue to spread the mission of Portledge and nurture relationships to promote goodwill and pride, professional growth, communication, and social interaction, albeit, right now, that interaction is, of course, six-feet apart. However you give back, just remember often the smallest acts can have the biggest impacts. 

Although we cannot come together in-person, please know we are thinking of you and want you to stay connected with your fellow alums. The week of the Virtual Portledge Benefit, the Alumni Association will be hosting a fun-filled virtual alumni night. We look forward to seeing you on screen. 

Please continue to check the Portledge website and the Alumni section frequently to stay updated on life at and after Portledge.

Best Regards,
Adeline Reilly ‘10
Alumni Council President

Alumni Association Goals

  • To nurture relationships with current and future alumni and engage them in the life of Portledge School.
  • To coordinate and promote programs that instill good will and pride, and provide opportunities for professional growth and social interaction.
  • To promote and enhance effective communications between Portledge and its alumni.
  • To encourage financial support of the school.

Alumni Council

President: Addie Reilly '10
Council Members:
Brian Orenstein '78
Maurice Freedman '87
Will Bodine '00
Alex Steinberg '05
Michael Hochfelsen '06
Zaidat Animashaun '09
Tim Morrison '09
Robyn Worrall '10
Adeola Adegbite '11
Ben Lobley '11
Ryan Murray '11
Nick Lobley '12
Neil Nelanuthala '13
Eve Shapiro '14
Matthew Butler '15
Selbern Narby '15
Max Gould '20