Anonymous Concerns Reporting Form

Portledge School's Anonymous Concerns Reporting Form is NOT an emergency hotline. If you are reporting an event that could potentially pose an immediate physical threat to any member of the school community, please make immediate contact with the Head of School, or, if the threat is of an emergency nature, call 911.

Portledge School's Anonymous Concerns Reporting Form is NOT intended in any form or fashion to supplement or supplant any mandatory reporting structures that are in place for potential users of this form. Mandated reporters, including teachers, therefore, should not use this form if they suspect that a minor is being abused. Mandated reporters suspecting such abuse are obligated to come forward and call the DSS mandated-reporter hotline, divulging their identity in the process.

This form is intended to facilitate the reporting of sensitive information to school officials, including information regarding discriminatory and/or prejudicial actions and events that stem from identifying characteristics of the victims (race, gender, etc.), bullying, student safety, violence, drug use, and/or students who may be in need of physical and/or emotional care and/or assistance.