A Message from the President of the Board of Trustees

Dear Portledge Community,

There is so much to celebrate about our extraordinary school.  I believe we at Portledge have caught lightning in a bottle.

It is because of you, the parents, the teachers, the faculty, staff, administration, and perhaps most importantly, the students, that we have put the most challenging couple of years behind us, and as I knew we would, we have erupted from the pandemic stronger, more resolved, and more committed to our children, their education, and their happiness than anyone could have hoped.

Our faculty was undeterred by the pandemic – not one of them ever took their eyes off the prize – teaching our kids in the most effective way they could.  

The administration acted, and reacted, with remarkable speed to adjust to the needs of the children.  Increased faculty training, technology upgrades, and heightened compassion were all part of the new normal.

The parents jumped in with both feet, making whatever sacrifice was necessary, to keep the school moving forward.  

The Board of Trustees, determined to make the best of the circumstances, met more in the last year and a half than ever before.  Work has begun on the new Athletic & Wellness Center - a project that many thought would have to be shelved – but the board decided that going forward was the only way – and so we are.

During the pandemic, we provided the best education around.  Our academic achievements are obvious. 100% of our International Baccalaureate diploma candidates passed their exams again this year…which is far in excess of the national and international pass rates.

The evidence of everyone’s efforts is clear.  Enrollment is through the roof, with a waiting list to get in.  People in the community want to know what is happening at Portledge – our reputation, already sterling, is now a source of great pride.

We caught lightning in a bottle.  And while the definition of that term is to achieve something in a way that is very lucky or unlikely, I know this wasn’t luck.  It was each and every one of you.  And so, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making your children’s education, their happiness, and their school your number one priority.  

May you all have the pride in these resilient children that I have.  And may you all have the pride I have in being part of such an extraordinary place.  We have been through the darkest hour – and the light on the horizon for Portledge couldn’t be brighter.

Maryellen “Mel” Mooney
President, Board of Trustees

Olivia Mooney ‘21
Quentin Mooney ‘21

Board of Trustees

Maryellen Mooney, President
Lindsey Barnett, Vice President
Claude A. Bahnik ’90, Vice President
Donald D. Wilson, Treasurer
Donna Burke, Secretary

Andrea Carlsen
Susan Foley
Joel Friedman
Michael Glanzberg
Luis Marcos
Dr. Kevin Mercier
David Schamis
Dorthe Tate
Elizabeth Venuti
Shawnee Warfield

Honorary Board Member
Peter Guo

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