A Message from the President of the Board of Trustees

Dear Portledge Family,

I am so pleased to welcome everyone back to school this year. Portledge is in a remarkably good place, considering all that our community, our country, and the world have been through over the last six months.

Despite dire predictions and inescapable worry about what the future holds, Portledge remains in an enviable position. The fact is that our faculty, staff, and administration did an exceptional job in transitioning to remote learning last spring, and have honed those skills since. The fact is that our parents adjusted their lives to make sure that their children got everything they could out of online learning at Portledge. The fact is that our students were equipped to make major adjustments to their lives, and somehow found a way to thrive. The fact is, when the entire community at Portledge was handed lemons, we made lemonade.

The strength of character we have seen among every part of our school community has allowed the Board of Trustees to focus on the bigger picture for our school. We continue to work on the new Athletic and Wellness Center. We continue to make it our mission to develop a purposeful student experience at Portledge that is happy and healthy and prepares our children for life’s challenges. We continue to work on the financial stability of the school for generations to come.

I am inspired by what I have seen in the past year from our community. I am humbled by the dedication of every student, every parent, every faculty and staff member, and every administrator. My hopes for the school are higher now than they ever have been. What a remarkable thing in times like these.

I hope everyone enjoys the remaining days of summer. My children cannot wait to get back to school (not the usual conversation for mid-August). I’m with them. I literally cannot wait to see everyone back on campus.

Maryellen “Mel” Mooney
President, Board of Trustees
Olivia Mooney ‘21
Quentin Mooney ‘21

Board of Trustees

Maryellen Mooney, President
Lindsey Barnett, Vice President
Claude A. Bahnik ’90, Vice President
Donald D. Wilson, Treasurer
Donna Burke, Secretary

Andrea Carlsen
Susan Foley
Joel Friedman
Michael Glanzberg
Luis Marcos
Dr. Kevin Mercier
David Schamis
Dorthe Tate
Elizabeth Venuti
Shawnee Warfield

Honorary Board Member
Peter Guo

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