A Message from the President of the Board of Trustees

Dear Portledge Community,

This year has seen much growth at Portledge. We have opened our new building, the Commons, with a new lunchroom for all to enjoy, a black box theater, and more classrooms, all of which have quickly worked themselves into the fabric of Portledge School.

Even after the construction of this new building, the beauty of our campus remains intact. When I drive through the campus, I remain struck by the immaculate landscaping. We all know the effort that so many have put into accomplishing this feat and all of us should take great pride in the results. Furthermore, our academic opportunities continue to grow; how many schools offer such a strong curriculum, from our Reggio Emilia-inspired early childhood program all the way through the Upper School, from which students can choose among pursuing multiple, rigorous AP, IB, and other offerings?

Yet, what really brings us all together is the unparalleled special feeling of community that exists at Portledge. It is a community centered on education and one that recognizes that education exists both inside and outside of the classroom. Our Portledge teachers, administrators, coaches, and mentors inspire and challenge the students daily to achieve their personal bests. No one can overstate the impact these dedicated individuals have on the lives of so many. Without these stars, our community would not feel the same.

I encourage each of you to get yourself and others actively involved in the welcoming Portledge community. Each of you possesses unique skills, and your time and commitment to helping Portledge achieve even greater success are paramount - as is your financial support. Please do support the Portledge community in any way that you can. As many of you know, we have many opportunities throughout the year for you to volunteer: the Parents Association, the Alumni Association, Founders Day and the Annual Gala Auction, to name a few. If you have questions as to ways in which to do so, you should feel free to reach out to Tara Askeland (taskeland@portledge.org) or to me for ideas or to offer your assistance.

Portledge sits in an enviable position. With a strong student body, a terrific faculty and staff, and an involved community, Portledge will undoubtedly reach even greater heights. To paraphrase Lord Tennyson, Portledge will strive; it will seek; it will find, and it will succeed!

I and the rest of the Board of Trustees look forward to seeing the continued success of Portledge!

Samara Meshel
President, Board of Trustees

Alexander Meshel ‘14
Zoe Meshel ‘19

Board of Trustees

Samara Meshel, President
Lindsey Barnett, Vice President
Donald D. Wilson, Treasurer
Mary Ellen Mooney, Secretary

Claude A. Bahnik ’90
Donna Burke
Kimberly Dey
Peter Guo
Jamal Haughton
Joshua Kugler
Dana Pagliara
David Schamis
Lisa Warren
Valerie Yardeni

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