Together we can make a difference for the good of our children.

Portledge Parent Partnership

Decades of research have demonstrated that parent/family involvement significantly contributes, in a variety of ways, to improved student outcomes related to learning and school success. Portledge thrives because its parent body is dedicated to enriching our children’s educational experience and creating a positive school community. There is no more powerful team than Portledge School and its parents working together for the good of our children.

Portledge offers many ways to get involved in the daily life of our school, which helps parents feel connected to school life.

Parent Brochure

Ways to get involved at Portledge School:

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  • Parents Association: Every parent is a member

    The purpose of the Parents Association (PA) is to promote cooperation and communication between parents, faculty, and administrators for the benefit of the students and well being of the school, to encourage active participation by all parents in the Portledge community, to encourage parental support for all student activities, to help the school achieve its mission and goals for the future by encouraging parents' voluntary contributions of financial support, time, effort and ideas, and to help build and promote an inclusive community.
  • Parent Education: Parenting support by building upon families' strengths so children thrive academically, socially and behaviorally.

    Join us at each of our Parents Association meetings to hear from speakers about a variety of topics, and connect with other parents. Division lead curriculum evenings, Back to School nights, and parent programs offer important information about your child’s education. Head of School receptions and Division Head Parent Coffees are held for parents to better understand Portledge’s curriculum, philosophy and major initiatives.
  • Volunteering: Ways to get involved

    Serving as a parent volunteer is vital to enriching your child’s education. You can serve your school in many ways: as a chaperone on field trips, helping with school plays, festivals and other cultural events, assisting with special events such as Founders Day or the Annual Auction Gala, and working with the Parents Association. Another way to give to Portledge is by providing personal perspective gained through your professional career, or by getting involved in high-level decision making as a board member or committee chairperson. Immersing yourself within the Portledge community will give you deeper insight into the lives of your children and their classmates. It will also introduce you to fellow parents, serving to enrich your professional connections and personal friendships.
  • Special Events: Community Events at Portledge

    Check out our calendar for upcoming special events.