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To Our Portledge Family,
We are all aware that these times are “unprecedented” and we’re in “uncharted territory” so I won’t bore you with these overused clichés. Instead, I’d like to offer up a perspective that is fairly common sense, but I believe warrants some attention. During this quarantine, we may be “locked down” but we have to remember that we aren’t imprisoned.  True, we’ve lost some of life’s luxuries, but we’re free to get groceries, get take-out, read anything we desire, go for a drive, take a walk...  We still do have many freedoms. 
How many times have you heard yourself say, “If I only had more time” to do this or that. For most of us, we have an opportunity to accomplish something fulfilling, connect with our families, get to know ourselves better. It’s also a chance to become closer with our kids, to spend some quality time, teach life skills, and be a good example.  
I’ve always practiced gratitude, but these days I do so with ferocity. I’ve learned that in the face of adversity and negativity, gratitude can help me turn the corner and change the way I choose to perceive the world. There is so much to be thankful for! If we lead by example and demonstrate gratitude, love and maintain a positive disposition, and apologize for our mistakes, we will give our children the tools to be resilient adults with a “can do” attitude. It’s not always easy, but remembering that children often detect and embody the anxiety and fears of those around them should motivate us to keep any bad vibes in check.
More than ever before, I am grateful for our teachers and administration (and a full school day). They give of themselves authentically and compassionately. They truly have our children’s best interests at heart.  One thing has become crystal clear from this pandemic… we need our teachers more than ever before!
We are fortunate to have a community so full of dedicated and talented people.  I don’t only refer to our administration and faculty, but to the people with whom I get to work with on the Parents Association and the parents who feel compelled to get involved.  It is truly a pleasure collaborating with these parents who give of themselves without asking for anything in return. These parents know that participating in our school events is rewarding. We are fortunate that we have the opportunity to connect and foster relationships that enrich our school experience for our children. It also helps parents keep a finger on the pulse of Portledge and stay informed. I tip my hat to these parents and to the faculty who help us support our community.
For all that Portledge has done for us, we can show our appreciation by supporting The Portledge Fund. Professional development is critical to our future and your contribution will help provide our teachers with the tools needed to be cutting-edge in this new virtual world. 
In the words of my favorite band of all time, “A new day will dawn for those who stand strong, and the forests will echo with laughter.”   – Led Zeppelin
Please take care of you and yours,
Missy Halpern
Parents Association President
Max ‘24

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