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Hello Portledge Families,

I hope everyone has had the opportunity to enjoy some much-needed relaxation and sunshine during the summer months. Time spent with family, friends, and hopefully having the opportunity to take part in activities that bring you joy and a chance to recharge can make all the difference! 

It was wonderful for families to be able to return to the Portledge campus at the end of last school year for our end-of-year Parents Association meeting, various end-of-year celebrations, and moving up and graduation ceremonies. Besides being able to enjoy our beautiful campus as the backdrop for these important events, it gave our community the chance to come together to celebrate the achievements of the Portledge students and faculty. The Parents Association is excited to be a part of many of the upcoming on-campus events that are planned for the 2021/2022 school year, one of the first being Founders Day. Founders Day at Portledge is a long-standing tradition and a fun way to show your support for our school. There is nothing better than the exciting atmosphere on campus watching our teams compete in various sporting events, along with the rides, activities, music, and delicious food! Founders Day lends many volunteer opportunities for anyone who is interested and is an incredible way for both new and returning members of the Portledge community to come together not only to support our school but to have fun while doing so. We hope to see you there on Saturday, October 2!

On behalf of the Portledge Parents Association, I would like to thank all our volunteers for the upcoming school year and welcome our new Executive Vice President, Kim Leonard. Kim is a dedicated member of our community, and we are incredibly lucky to have her in this role. There are still plenty of ways to get involved and we welcome everyone to join us. Thank you for your time, support, and dedication to the students and faculty of Portledge, and cheers to an amazing school year ahead!

My best,

Tiffany Terranova
President, Portledge Parents Association
Tanner ’24, Remy ’27

Parents Association Leadership

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  • Leadership

    PresidentTiffany Terranova
    Executive Vice-President
    Kim Leonard
    VP of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion  
    Claudia Quiroz-Marcos
    International Family LiaisonKim Guo
    Lower School VPJessica Chitty
    Middle School VPTiffany Palagonia
    Upper School VPMichelle Ort
  • Lower School Class Parents

    Lower School VPJessica Chitty
    NurseryJennifer Cave
    Pre-KAndrea Coope
    KindergartenDeena Mehta
    1st GradeVera Jain
    2nd GradeJoanna Austin
    3rd GradeMaria Gray & Jessica Chitty
    4th GradeKatie Hunt-Rotolo & Fay Johnson
    5th GradeMelissa Armento-Long ‘98 & Maria Zografos
  • Middle School Class Parents

    Middle School VP
    Tiffany Palagonia
    6th Grade Jenni Lynn & Christine Pata
    7th Grade Jill Drucker & Sherry Srivastava
    8th GradeAimee DiBartolomeo-Cody & Jill Milano
  • Upper School Class Parents

    Upper School VPMichelle Ort
    9th Grade Vicky Cohen, Suzanne Levy & Amy Littman
    10th Grade Tatiana Bloch & Carol DeSantie
    11th Grade Michèle Bahnik-Mercier ‘93 & Cindy Neugebauer
    12th Grade Marie Bahnik & Melissa Worth

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