Hello Portledge Community,

We are thrilled to announce The 50th Annual Portledge Gala! 

At its core, this annual affair is the perfect opportunity for our vast community of supporters to come together and make great things happen for something they all believe in – Portledge School. Each year, dollars raised from this exciting event help to strengthen our unique community by further supporting various school initiatives throughout the year.

This year, as most appropriate, the Portledge Gala will honor one of our most dedicated champions, Mel Mooney. As an active member of the Parents Association for fifteen years and a devoted member of the Board of Trustees since 2016, Mel's commitment to the Portledge mission is unparalleled. In her final year as Board President, we celebrate Mel and her many contributions throughout the last fifteen years.

Maryellen "Mel" Mooney volunteered to be a class parent when her twins, Olivia ‘21 and Quentin ‘21, were in third grade, and so began her career of volunteering at Portledge School.

When she gave up her 20-plus year career at Conde Nast Publishing, Mel got involved in her kids’ school, and like all endeavors, she got all the way in. Class parent turned into Parent’s Association Vice President, and then President, Chair of the Annual Fund, Member, Secretary, and finally, President of the Board of Trustees. In all these roles, Mel has always understood that curiosity, integrity, and strength of character are at the core of who we are at Portledge.

Mel is frequently seen on the side of a soccer or lacrosse field, rooting on a basketball team, or cheering for the hockey players. And she is usually in the back of the audience at plays, concerts, and assemblies. 

Mel is a graduate of SUNY Farmingdale and the Parson School of Design.

Mel and her husband Bill Mooney ’87, run their own businesses and live in Oyster Bay. 

We are so excited to celebrate Mel and her commitment to Portledge with this well-deserved honor!

Proceeds from the auction will serve to directly support the Portledge experience.

Benefit Committee

50th Annual Portledge Gala Committee
Kim Leonard
Lindsey Barnett
Jill Drucker
Emily Wachtel 
Angela Vaynman
Mona Sanveren
Dina Argyris 
Franki Doshi 
Jessica Chitty
Vera Jain 
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Portledge Gala 2022