Senior Athletic Award Winner

This Spring, Marissa Stanco '18 was awarded the Senior Athletic Award for her contributions to Portledge School's Athletics and its growing success. She is a tremendous athlete and well-rounded individual who helped the teams she participated on achieve amazing accomplishments.
Championships. In athletics it is one of the ways a great athlete defines their career. In the case of this year’s Senior Athletic Award recipient this is certainly true. Marissa Stanco was a member of ten Varsity teams at Portledge, and seven of them won a PSAA Championship – four in a row in Varsity Girls Soccer, two in a row in Varsity Softball during her junior and senior seasons, and one this past winter in Varsity Girls Basketball, making her senior season a clean sweep of championships in the fall, winter and spring. There is no coincidence involved in the combination of her participation and winning. As an athlete Marissa provides tremendous leadership, an incredible work ethic, and laser focus on the task at hand. Everyone that has coached or played alongside her knows that she is willing to do whatever it takes to deliver and will push her teammates to reach their fullest potential. As we look back on the 2017-18 school year, and think about her setting up and scoring goals in soccer, stealing the ball and going coast-to-coast in basketball, or making slick plays at shortstop, we should realize that we really were witnessing something very special. Congratulations to Marissa Stanco on receiving the Senior Athletic Award for 2017-18.

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