A well-rounded education involves a rigorous academic curriculum balance with athletics, the arts, and a range of programs available after school hours and during the summer.

Co-Curricular Programs at Portledge

For children in Pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade, After School Adventures provide many opportunities for creative learning and making new friends beyond the school day.
Our Summer Adventures program is open to Portledge and non-Portledge students. The program offerings are wide and varied and cover athletics, the arts, technology and science. New programs are developed continuously to meet the expanding interests of our students, including Nanotechnology at New York Insititute of Technology and Neuroscience at Winthrop Hospital for Upper School-age students.

The Day of Play allows families to visit Portledge and experience our Reggio Emilia Early Childhood program. Through engaging activities, you will find out first hand how the world renowned Reggio approach is changing the way our youngest students learn.

Adventures for Mommy & Me is focused on toddlers and moms, dads, and caregivers and provides a nuturing environment to allow self-expression, social interaction, and physical development through a variety of activities.