After School Adventures

Portledge After School Adventures welcomes Portledge and non-Portledge students to attend our programs. 

The classes offered include sports, arts, science, hobbies, and many learning opportunities. Through this program, we hope to provide a time for children to learn new things, engage in a hobby they love, spend time with friends, or try something new. After School Adventures is just one way that Portledge works to meet the needs of our students and their families. After School Adventures meet Monday through Thursday from 3:30 p.m.- 4:30 p.m. and are open to students from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. 

Spring After School Adventures runs from Apr 13 - Jun 8, 2020

For more information, please contact Melissa Worth, Director of Supplementary Programs, at 


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Spring Session

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  • Shooting Star Multi Sport

    This program consists of various sports including soccer, lacrosse, whiffle ball, kickball, basketball and much more. This is an ideal program for any child who enjoys playing or learning different sports. Children are taught fundamental skills and the rules of the game.  All necessary equipment is provided. Come learn, play and have fun!

    Mondays: April 13-June 8
    Instructor: Coach Mike
    Fee: $340
    Grades: PreK-3
  • Trading Card Design

    Trading card class taught by Jasmine Contois, a local artist with over 15 years of experience designing trading cards for properties such as Garbage Pail Kids, Wacky Packages and Club Penguin. Have fun creating your own trading cards. In this class, students will learn important art skills such as character design, color, and composition. Kids are encouraged to explore their imagination as they roll up their sleeves in this hands-on class.

    Thursdays: April 16-June 4
    Instructor: Jasmine Contois
    Fee: $345
    Grades: 2-5
  • Village East Gifted Program

    Village East Gifted (VEG) offers its’ own innovative, academically rigorous curriculum and methodology exclusively for gifted students, (ages 4-15). This program is for students in grades 2-8 who yearn for a rigorous, academically advanced curriculum. During this After School program, students will learn advanced linguistics, advanced etymology, vocabulary enrichment, creative writing composition, and innovative Problem-solving.

    Tuesdays, April 21-May 26
    (Grades 2-3) Time: 3:15-4:45 PM 
    (Grades 4-5) Time: 5:00-6:30 PM
    (Grades 6-8) Time: 6:45-8:15 PM 
    Instructor: VEG 
    Fee: $490
  • Kinder-Ballet

    Kinder-Ballet is created for students entering Kindergarten. This class incorporates creative movement with pre-ballet. Students at this level are introduced to more formal ballet training including barre work. They continue to explore ballet terminology, both audibly and visually.

    Tuesdays: April 7-June 2
    Instructor: Ms. Moore
    Fee: $900/year $325/trimester
    Grades: K-1
  • Basketball

    Join Coach C from Summer Adventures for dribbling, shooting, passing, ball handling, and defense. Emphasis is given on teaching the concepts of basketball while developing each individual’s player skills. We conclude each week with a basketball game which reinforces the skills taught.

    Tuesdays: April 14-June 9
    Instructor: Coach Cotumaccio
    Fee: $345
    Grades: 2-5
  • Ballet I

    Students in this class will study basic ballet technique and terminology at the barre, as well as other ballet exercises in the center. Come learn and perform with us.
    Wednesdays: April 1-June 3
    Instructor: Ms. Moore
    Fee: $450/trimester
    Grades: 1
  • Chess (4:15-5:15)

    **Special beginner chess extension 4-4:15pm - see additional class description**

    In this course students will learn basic chess strategies. They will gain an understanding of chess notation and the most important rules to use during each phase of the game. Class time is split between instruction and game playing giving students an opportunity to apply newly learned strategies. **Can be combined with Fencing

    Wednesdays: April 15-June 3
    Instructor: Mr. La Flair
    Fee: $340
    Grades: 1-5

    ** Special note: We are making Wednesday a special day with various options for attending chess, chess & fencing or beginner extension and chess. Any combination of these classes is fine. If your child is only attending chess, they will be supervised until 4:15
  • Chess - Special Beginner Extension Class (4:00-4:15)

    Due to the popularity of chess, we will take this opportunity to form a small group chess intro prior to the Chess class at 4:15pm. If your child would like some 1-1 attention for chess instruction prior to the class, then this is the course for you!

    Wednesdays: April 15-June 3
    Instructor: Mr. La Flair
    Fee: $85
    Grades K-3

    ** Special note: We are making Wednesday a special day with various options for attending chess, chess & fencing or beginner extension and chess. Any combination of these classes is fine. If your child is only attending chess, they will be supervised until 4:15
  • Fencing (3:15-4:15)

    Discover the exciting sport of fencing. Boys and girls are welcome to sign-up, where all will develop the agility, speed, coordination, strategy skills, positive thinking, confidence and more. While learning fencing under the supervision of professional coaches your child will also develop good sportsmanship on and off the strip while reinforcing teamwork, which is a life-long skill. The program will be run by New York Fencing Academy, a top fencing club in US (#1 medal count in Summer Nationals 2019 and 2019 #1 Youth Epee club by National rankings). All fencing equipment will be provided by the program. Long athletic pants (or sweat pants), athletic shoes and athletic t-shirt is required for the program"

    ** Can be combined with Chess sign up

    Wednesdays: April 15-June 3
    Instructor: NY Fencing Academy
    Fee: $340
    Grades: 1-5
  • Gymnastics

    Join Jamie Gurrieri, formerly of North Shore Gymnastics, for a fun class of tumbling, stretching, and gymnastic skills. This program deals with a strong emphasis on developing basic gymnastics and tumbling skills. The program will enable your children to enhance their basic motor skills as well as further develop their use of movement and social interaction. The class includes gymnastics, tumbling, balancing, group activities, stretching, games, bars, mini trampoline, and strength. Over the course of the program, children will develop confidence, good coordination, control, and physical awareness.

    Thursdays: April 16-June 4
    Instructor: Ms. Jamie Gurrieri
    Fee: $345
    Grades: PreK-2
  • Pre-Ballet/Creative Movement

    This class is designed to promote a child’s coordination and motor skills as well as introduce basic beginner ballet skills.

    Fridays: April 3-June 5
    Instructor Ms. Moore
    Fee: $900/year $325/trimester
    Grades: PreK-K
  • Golf

    Join us for a new golf instruction program with TSA Premier Golf Enrichment. In this new program, the coach comes to school to work with students, using putting mats, chipping nets, and driving mats students will learn golf skills. Students will work with soft balls and TGA provides all equipment!
    Thursdays: April 16 - June 4                 
    Instructor: TGA Premier Golf
    Fee: $345                                                                    
    Ages: K-5
  • Digital Creations and Coding

    Want to make a monster?! How about your favorite character? How about making your very own original idea! In this class, students will learn how to draw with tablets and computers. It will also teach young artists how to be creative and to translate their creativity into solid form. Students will discover how powerful a computer can be as a tool for drawing and, in the process, they will learn how to translate ideas into the real world.
    Wednesdays: April 15-June3                    
    Instructor: Luke Johnson
    Grades: 1-5
    Fee: $340