Portledge Ballet School

Portledge School offers a full syllabus of ballet classes each day after school led by Miss Kathleen Moore, formerly of the Russian Ballet School. Classes are age and ability leveled ranging from Creative Movement for our youngest participants through Ballet IV which encompasses pointe and character.

Miss Moore is trained in the Vaganova Syllabus which is a world-renowned method of teaching and training dancers. The method is designed to work the body as a whole, with the total involvement of the body in every movement, and equal attention paid to the upper body as well as the legs and feet. Vaganova believed that this approach increases consciousness of the body, thus creating a harmony of movement and greater expressive range.

For more information about this syllabus and the class times, please see the links on this page, or email Miss Moore at kmoore@portledge.org.


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Class Descriptions

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  • Creative Movement

    Creative movement is a way for children to explore movement through music. This class will promote creativity, stimulate imagination, and develop physical skills. Both locomotor and non-locomotor skills will be introduced during this class. When children explore different aspects of move­ment all senses are engaged ( auditory, kinesthetic, tactile, and visual), thus enhancing their own control of their bodies.

    Friday 3:30-4:15
    Fee: $900/ year
  • Pre-Ballet

    Pre-Ballet is designed to promote the development of a child's coordination, motor skills, and dance to music. This class will guide children to develop rhythm, cooperation, playful creative dance, and basic beginner ballet skills.
    Basic ballet terminology will also be introduced at this level.

    Friday 3:30- 4:15
    Fee: $900/ year 
  • Kinder-Ballet

    Kinder-Ballet is created for students entering Kindergarten. This class incorporates creative movement with pre-ballet. Students in this level are introduced to more formal ballet training including barre work. They continue to explore ballet terminology, both audibly and visually. 

    Tuesday 3:30 -4:15
    Fee: $1100/year
  • Ballet I

    Ballet I is designed to introduce students to the first steps of formal ballet training. Students entering this class will study basic ballet techniques facing the barre. A substantial amount of ballet terminology will also be introduced. Basic exercises of mastering the placement of the body, the legs, the arms, and the head are acquired. By the end of Ballet I, students start developing elementary skills in the coordination of steps.

    Wednesday 3:30-4:30
    Fee: $1300
  • Ballet II

    Ballet II is the first step in formal ballet training. Students will be executing movements one-handed at the barre. Students will be responsible for the placement of the body, placement of the feet, positions of the arms, port de bras and an under­standing of the points of the room. The goal of this year of training is for the student to understand the terminology as well as the execution of all the material covered throughout the year. This class meets twice a week. 

    Monday/Thursday 3:30-4:45
    Fee: $2300
  • Ballet III

    Ballet III is designed for students with prior ballet training. Students in this level must have an understanding of all the material covered in the beginning levels. The main goals of this year are: the theory of the supporting and the working leg, the development of coordinating basic combinations at the barre and center, and the fundamentals of music ( time signature, tempo, rhythm, and the introduction of an upbeat). Students must have knowledge and the ability to explain the correct and incorrect ways of executing all movements. They must also be able to explain the relationship between the French terms of movement, the character of the movement, and the time signature of the music. Students must select two days of class. 

    Monday/Thursday 4:45-6:15
    Wednesday 4;30-6
    Fee: $3000

    Pointe 6:15-6:45
    Fee: $3700
  • Ballet IV

    Ballet IV is designed for students who have completed Ballet III and have also attended Pointe class for 2 years. Students must have an understanding of their supporting and working legs, their center, and the fundamentals of music rhythms. The goal this year is to further the centre class, to build supportive muscles, and to artistically enhance movements. This class meets four times per week and is accompanied by Character class and Pointe. 

    Monday 4:45-6:15
    Tuesday 4:15-5:45
    Wednesday 4:30-6
    Friday 4:15-5:45

    Pointe: Wednesday 6-6:30, Friday 5:45-6:15
    Fee: $4500
  • Character

    Character is offered to enhance the exposure of dance for Ballet III and Ballet IV. This class touches on Folk dances from all regions of the world and meets once per week. Character shoes are required to attend.

    Tuesday 5:45-6:45
    Fee: $900