Arts Scholar Program

The Arts Scholar program is a multi-year program of study focused in the Visual Arts, Music, or Theatre Arts at Portledge School, and is open to students in grades nine through twelve. Students interested in participating in the program must fill out an application and submit it to the appropriate department for approval. Once accepted into the program, a student is considered an Arts Scholar candidate.

Arts Scholar status is reviewed by each department annually to ensure students are making satisfactory progress in meeting the goals of the chosen program of study. Graduating seniors receive special recognition upon successful completion of the Arts Scholar program.

The Arts Scholar program has grown over the years and, to date, more than 60 students have successfully completed the program. A significant number of our graduates have pursued careers in Visual Arts, Music, and Theatre Arts.


List of 3 members.

  • Photo of Jason Dula

    Jason Dula 

    Department Head, Theatre Arts
    (516) 750-3153
  • Photo of John Greene

    John Greene 

    Department Head, Visual Arts
    (516) 750-3143
  • Photo of Jeffrey Suzda

    Jeffrey Suzda 

    Department Head, Music
    (516) 750-3128