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Strategic Plan 2022-2025: Building. Leading. Learning.

Rooted in extensive information gathering and research, this plan represents exciting possibilities and ambitious goals to build for our future.

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In July 2022, Portledge School began implementing the Strategic Plan 2022–2025 Building. Leading. Learning. The plan's main focus is to enhance the student and community experience while remaining a leader in scholastic achievement. The journey toward academic excellence never ends, and Portledge is well-positioned to strive for educational innovation to benefit all students.

The Strategic Plan consists of five main goals with different objectives for each goal. Members of the Portledge faculty, staff, and administration have acted as goal captains and committee members to bring these objectives to fruition. As we approach the final year of Building. Leading. Learning, we look ahead to how these strategic initiatives will manifest in daily life at Portledge.

Progress Reports

List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • Goal One: Our Faculty

    Goal Captain: Morgan Neems, Director of Human Resources
    75% Realized
    Much progress has been made on goal one toward developing a master teaching program and implementing innovative pedagogical practices. Most notably, we had a record number of faculty members who participated in outside professional development (PD), which directly benefited the student learning experience. 
    • 70% of funds supported 10 Faculty stipends for summer curriculum and project work to prepare for the 2023–2024 school year
    • 16% of funds supported PD for all of Lower School for curriculum enhancements and school partnerships
    • 10% of funds supported  3 Learning Specialists with training on and implementation of mental health support services for all divisions
    • 2% of funds supported 1 Administrator with renewing their required safety certification
    • 2% of funds supported 3 Faculty with curriculum technology enhancements
    In year two, we received 16 applications from Portledge educators to be a part of the first class of master teachers, revitalized the Think Tank Committee and Mentorship program for faculty and staff, and reviewed and adjusted the CAFE and SEA processes for evaluating faculty and staff. 
    In year three, we intend to continue our new hiring protocols, provide more varied and equitable PD opportunities across all divisions, support the first master teacher cohorts, and evaluate direct links between various critical Information Technology systems via survey to improve system efficiency. 
  • Goal Two: Our Programs and Pathways

    Goal Captain: Francisco Lameiro, Dean of Faculty, Assistant Director of Upper School, Scheduling and Test Coordinator Reports
    80% Realized
    This goal focuses on expanding and lengthening the college counseling process, integrating more real-world experiences for students, and further expanding the variety of inspiring
    courses and programs that focus on student interests and passions. This goal will take three years to implement fully. In year one, students had access to the new Dean program, an enhanced college counseling program, expanded course offerings, and community partnership experiences. 
    Signature experiences in each division include:
    Lower School
    Career Day/Parent Involvement to bring the outside world into our classroom
    Guest Authors
    Hands-on projects - set design for the play, stage manager, writing a play, composing music
    World Day
    Book Fair
    Field Trips
    Middle School
    6th Grade trip to Fahnestock
    7th Grade trip to Boston
    8th Grade trip to Washington, DC
    Upper School
    Community Partnership Experience
    College trip for 10th grade
    9th Grade trip to Blairstown
    Junior Leadership Academy
    Senior Launch
    Senior Projects
    Grade-Level Days of Service
    In year two, we added Dance to the curriculum, introduced community partnerships and commitment to service in MS advisory,  and LS faculty began training for the IB Primary Years Program (PYP). We are currently a PYP Candidate School. In year three, we will host the IBO for an official visit and assess our program in the LS, enhance our community partnerships, and increase staffing in College Counseling to ensure a robust experience for all US students. 
  • Goal Three: Our Place, Our Community

    Goal Captain: Traci Douglas, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    70% Realized
    The Portledge Pillars are the guiding principles for goal three. In its first year, we have developed a more diverse hiring committee and mentor program for new hires, implemented DEI Coffee Chats for the parent/caregiver community, and begun an audit of our curriculum to ensure our instruction is culturally relevant and responsive to the needs of all of our students.
    In year two, we shifted our focus to student leadership in keeping with our mission to develop moral courage and to carry out the Portledge pillar, Purpose. We restructured our upper school student council to create a more formal governing body with increased community engagement responsibilities on and off campus. We also enhanced our peer leader program to support our underclassmen better academically and socially. Finally, we expanded our student volunteer and service work through our Community Partnership Experience (CPE) program in the upper school.
    In year three, we will continue the growth we have seen in our DEI-focused programming. We will ensure our hiring practices continue to yield a diverse group of candidates for faculty and administrator job openings; we will further grow our community partner lists to include more options for students outside of our surrounding areas; and we will establish more equitable ways to support students with unique academic, social, and emotional needs.
  • Goal Four: Our Purpose, Our Wellness

    Goal Captains: Josephine Earley, Early Childhood Teacher and Erica Tettemer, Language Department Chair
    70% Realized
    This goal focuses on physical, social, and emotional health and wellness. Year one has already seen the implementation of various programs focused on promoting nutrition, mindfulness, physical activity, and health awareness. This work will be further enhanced by completing the Athletic & Wellness Center. In year two, this committee helped build a framework for the wellness curriculum. It helped identify a Department Chair for Health & Wellness, hired an advisor for the schoolwide RULER program to see its success in all divisions, and offered dance classes in the Middle and Upper Schools. The Athletics Department has also begun the process of creating an accountability system for coaches.
    As year three approaches, this committee will highlight the curriculum and add value to the Portledge student experience made possible by the opening of the Athletic & Wellness Center. 
  • Goal Five: Our Future

    Goal Captains: Tara Askeland, Director of Development, and Ryann Supple, Director of Communications
    85% Realized
    With advancing the school's reputation in mind, this goal seeks to maximize our marketing efforts and define the Portledge identity. In year one, we underwent a brand identity and messaging review calling on various community members to define and share their Portledge experience. Also, in year one, the Portledge website was redesigned entirely to tell the story of Portledge in a more aesthetically appealing way, and we re-engaged our alumni community! 
    In year two, we brought back the Student Ambassador Program, adding to it parent ambassadors, redesigning the admissions process, and began planning and preparing for the school’s 60th birthday in the 2024–2025 school year. Alumni engagement has reached new heights, with two guest speakers coming to campus to meet with our students, two additional reunions, and trips to LA and Boston to reconnect with Portledge alumni. The Communications Team has surveyed parents regarding parent and school communication and will implement new strategies based on parent feedback as efficient school communication remains paramount. Thanks to the Development Team, Board members, and our generous donors, we are 95% of the way to our fundraising goal for the AWC: permits have been secured, the foundation has been poured, and we look forward to opening in the summer of 2024!
    The 2024-2025 school year will mark the school’s 60th anniversary. We will start the year by enhancing our Founders Days celebrations with a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the AWC and various alumni events throughout the week. The Advancement Team will share several videos featuring current and past community members to mark this milestone birthday, including a special spread in the Summer 2024 edition of The Crest. 
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