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Board of Trustees

The Portledge Board of Trustees is a vital part of our community, with a primary focus on the long-term success of our school.

EXPLORE our Community

I am privileged to serve as Board Chair of Portledge School. For those who don’t know me, my wife and three children have been part of the Portledge community for 10 years. Our oldest daughter graduated with the Class of 2023 and is officially an alumna of this great institution that helped her be the best she can be. We can confidently state that our son, who is in the Upper School, and our youngest daughter, who is in the Lower School, are on the same trajectory. 

This is my seventh year on the board, and, like each year, there are lofty goals. I am optimistic about what the new year holds with this community that is known to continually rally together to make improvements. To that end, when you return, you will see some changes on campus. The campus quad between the Wellington gym and Upper school has been enhanced through a generous donation to create a more vibrant and functional quad for everyone to enjoy. Additionally, the Athletic and Wellness Center is well underway! Stay tuned for future updates.  

As with prior years, we’re excited to welcome new faculty, staff, and four new members to the Board of Trustees. I’m so grateful and humbled to all the dedicated people who continue to make Portledge a truly special place and practice the Portledge Pillars of Kindness, Purpose, Honor, and Respect.

We will certainly miss our graduating class as they transition to the next phase of life, but we also welcome and look forward to the rising seniors and all the new students and families coming to Portledge for the first time.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the summer, and I look forward to seeing everyone on campus!
Don Wilson
President, Board of Trustees 
Grace ’23, Tyler ’26, and Mia ’32

Portledge School’s Board of Trustees bears ultimate responsibility for the well-being of the school.

Members are nominated by the Governance Committee and elected by the full Board. New members are selected for the particular talents or experience that they can bring to Portledge School’s affairs as well as for their knowledge of and involvement in the school's activities. The full Board meets at least five times a year at the school to receive reports from its various committees and from the Head of School.

Main Areas of Responsibility

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  • Appointment of the Head of School

    The Board delegates all administrative functions to the Head of School.
  • Finances

    The Board sets the budget for each year, authorizes fund-raising activities, and ensures that the program operates within its fiscal limits. The Board is also responsible for properly managing Portledge School's endowment funds.
  • Policy Making

    The Board determines the school's objectives and sees that those objectives are appropriately achieved.
  • Committees

    The Board handles most of its business through standing committees, which meet as and when necessary. The present committees are:

    Executive Committee
    Accreditation Committee
    Athletics Committee
    Buildings and Grounds Committee
    Design and Construction Committee
    Development Committee
    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee
    Governance Trustees
    Lower School Task Force
    Risk Management

Board of Trustees 2023-2024

Executive Committee
Don Wilson President
Shawnée Warfield Vice-President
David Schamis Vice-President
Joel Friedman Treasurer
Donna Burke  Secretary

Board Members
Claude Bahnik '90
Lindsey Barnett
Peter Guo
Sam Jain
Yong Lee
Amy Littman
Teddy Lynn
Dr. Luis Marcos
Dr. Kevin Mercier
Katie Rotolo
Ari Sass
Harry Taylor '92
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Become an Integral Part of Our Community.

Portledge School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law. This policy applies to, but is not limited to, educational policies, admission, financial aid, hiring and employment practices, use of school facilities, athletics, and other school-administered programs.
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