Portledge School welcomes international students to apply for admission. At Portledge School, international students receive a foundation that makes them well prepared to enter and compete in America’s top universities. Small class sizes and exceptional faculty offer individualized attention and the support needed for students to excel in an American college preparatory environment.


International students are expected to follow the same application process as other students.
This process includes:

  1. Completion of the Registration Application form and payment of the $250 application fee per student.

  2. Completion of additional application forms, translated into English with course descriptions for each class.
  3. Schedule an interview: International applicants may substitute a Skype interview for the visit day and interview. We request to interview with both the parents and the student.

  4. Testing: International applicants for grades 7-12 are required to take the SSAT and the TOEFL. These tests are offered internationally. 
    • Registration for the SSAT test, testing dates, and locations can be found at SSAT.org. Portledge School code: 5854
    • Registration for the TOEFL can be found at ets.org/toefl. Portledge School code: 3534.

  5. Visa Information: Once the student is accepted to Portledge School, we will issue an I-20 after we receive the signed contract and the required deposit.

Tuition Schedule 2021-2022

Homestay Placement

Homestay programs arrange for international students to live with local families in their host countries. In a homestay program, you will typically have your own room, but join the family for meals and take part in their normal daily routine. In most cases, host families tend to be families that have younger or teenage children themselves, but homestays can actually be offered by anyone. We look to place students with Portledge families or in the local community. Host families often choose to offer homestays because it’s a great way for their own children to live with international students and be exposed to different cultures.

  • The International Student Coordinator at Portledge School will match each student with a suitable screened host family for placement, after the student is accepted.
  • Portledge School will then notify each student or their representative about the placement.

Academic Support

ESL classes are offered at an additional fee in order to give international students an extra layer of support in English and academic subjects.

ESL Policy
All new students entering grades 9-12 where English is not their first language will be required to take one year of ESL. In grades 9 -12 if a student would like to opt out of the program, after the first year, they will need to either score a 90 on the TOEFL (with at least a 23 in each subcategory) or complete the school year with a final grade of A- in English. For students in Lower and Middle School two years of ESL will be required. Continuation of ESL, after  two years, will be determined by academic performance and a formal decision will be made by faculty and Division Head. Current students who are entering 9th grade are highly encouraged to take the TOEFL exam to be certain they are meeting language proficiency.