Message from the Athletics Department

Hello Portledge Panthers!

I am very excited to introduce myself as Amy Mulligan, the new Director of Athletics for the Portledge Panthers. I am thrilled to begin this journey with you and can’t wait to begin meeting families and students come August 22 when our JV and Varsity athletes hit the ground running for preseason. While we continue planning within the Athletics department for the start of the school year, I am eager to revive many of our long-standing Athletics traditions at Portledge while creating many more new ones together.
When I was asked to join the Portledge Community this summer, I was honored because of the vision and love for this school that was shown through the hiring process. Our goal as a department is rooted in developing well-rounded student-athletes who strive to succeed in and out of the athletic arena and to collaborate with the community to continue elevating our athletic programs for students at all levels.

Athletics has been such a driving force in my life, it is not just a passion for me, but has been a vehicle to help build my character and outlook on life, and I want to share that with all of our athletes. I believe that athletics can enhance a student’s development academically, socially, and emotionally. We want to help them learn about time management, accountability, communication, and teamwork. Our athletics staff is here to help build their confidence, understand leadership and sportsmanship, and value the importance of showing up for your team and school. It is a bridge that can bring our community even closer as we share in the joys, hardships, and triumphs that sports enable us to feel.  

We have a great team in the Athletic Department this year that is already hard at work helping to lead, empower, and build on the successes of our coaches and athletes throughout the 2022-2023 school year. They look forward to sharing their love and knowledge of athletics with students, parents, and working members of the Portledge community. 

The Athletic Department this year comprises:
  • Daniel Kapps - Associate Director of Athletics for the Upper School
  • Isaac Middleton IV - Associate Director of Athletics for the Middle School 
  • Taylor Holze - Administrative Student Athletics Coordinator 
  • Lauren Mahoney - Athletic Trainer/Health Teacher 
Please know that we are here for you to answer any of your questions and look forward to a phenomenal year together.

Amy Mulligan
Director of Athletics

Athletics at Portledge

Through skill development, sportsmanship, group interaction, leadership, and teamwork Portledge student-athletes are provided a myriad of experiences that provide significant educational opportunities. The Physical Education and Recreational Sports Programs at Portledge provide the foundation for students to learn about and live a more healthy lifestyle while the Interscholastic Athletics Program allows for students to partake in competitive and spirited contests that further the camaraderie and school spirit associated with being a member of the Portledge community.

Upcoming Games

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"We are committed to ensuring that every student who wishes to compete interscholastically in a particular sport will get that opportunity."

Athletic Department Contacts

List of 5 members.

  • Photo of Amy Mulligan

    Amy Mulligan 

    Director of Athletics
    (516) 750-3165
  • Photo of Daniel Kapps

    Daniel Kapps 

    Associate Director of Athletics, US
    (516) 750-3292
  • Photo of Isaac Middleton

    Isaac Middleton 

    Associate Director of Athletics, MS
    (516) 750-3212
  • Photo of Taylor Holze

    Taylor Holze 

    Administrative Student Athletes Coordinator, Varsity Girls Hockey Coach
    (516) 750-3199
  • Photo of Lauren Mahoney

    Lauren Mahoney 

    Athletic Trainer / Health & Wellness Teacher
    (516) 750-3174

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