Message from the Athletics Department

Dear Portledge Community,

Athletics holds a special place in all of our hearts. It is why we have chosen to spend our lives working in this area and helping Student-Athletes achieve their goals. Teamwork, sacrifice, learning from a loss, and knowing how to win - these are just some of the fundamental lessons athletics teaches young men and women that will benefit them in every walk of life. Furthermore, these lessons are learned out in the open for all to see, and often underlined by a scoreboard from which no one can hide.

Like many other areas of our lives, athletics has been drastically affected by this pandemic. We all want to be out on the field just as much as our athletes. At the moment, our care for them manifests itself in our desire to keep our athletes safe. Rest assured that we are monitoring each and every federal and state communication. We are availing ourselves of every guideline and every recommendation.

We are not sitting idle. We are reviewing every inch of this department so it can be better than ever. We are planning multiple contingencies for this year and articulating philosophies for the years to come. When athletics is deemed safe - in any form - Portledge will be ready to welcome our athletes onto the field.

Carmine Giovino
Director of Athletics

Cecilia Mulry
Associate Director of Athletics

Lauren Mahoney
Athletic Trainer

Athletics at Portledge

Through skill development, sportsmanship, group interaction, leadership, and teamwork Portledge student-athletes are provided a myriad of experiences that provide significant educational opportunities. The Physical Education and Recreational Sports Programs at Portledge provide the foundation for students to learn about and live a more healthy lifestyle while the Interscholastic Athletics Program allows for students to partake in competitive and spirited contests that further the camaraderie and school spirit associated with being a member of the Portledge community.

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"We are committed to ensuring that every student who wishes to compete interscholastically in a particular sport will get that opportunity."

Athletic Department Contacts

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  • Photo of Amy Mulligan

    Amy Mulligan 

    Director of Athletics
    (516) 750-3165
  • Photo of Daniel Kapps

    Daniel Kapps 

    Associate Director of Athletics, US
    (516) 750-3292
  • Photo of Isaac Middleton

    Isaac Middleton 

    Associate Director of Athletics, MS
  • Photo of Patrick Wingler

    Patrick Wingler 

    (516) 750-3228
  • Photo of Taylor Holze

    Taylor Holze 

    Administrative Student Athletes Coordinator
    (516) 750-3199
  • Photo of Lauren Mahoney

    Lauren Mahoney 

    Athletic Trainer / Health & Wellness Teacher
    (516) 750-3174

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