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We know, from memory at least, the distinctive pleasure school days can elicit. It is not uncommon for us as adults to look back upon those times with nostalgia and fondness. 
The Portledge website uncovers the mysteries and wonders of what life at this amazing institution is like on a daily basis. Indeed, this portal is designed to provide a small window and a distinctive constellation of viewing points and perspectives. Its vibrant images and narrative portray and reflect the lofty goals to which we aspire.
As our mission states, “Portledge School offers a competitive college preparatory program in a warm, inclusive community. Students are inspired to realize their individual potential by developing the critical thinking skills and moral courage necessary for lifelong learning in an increasingly complex world.”
Here at Portledge School, there are many treasures to be found. Our stunning 63-acre campus is well-designed with the safe movement of children firmly in mind. Those new to the school, or visiting for the first time, will find immediate pleasure in the serenity, quietude, and beauty of the forested canopy encircling the French Provincial Architecture of the buildings.
You may notice, too, that Portledge is home to creativity. In the elementary division, you’ll witness the joy of reconstituting the jumble of lego pieces on the floor or cutting cardboard boxes into images. Later on, perhaps, you’ll create your own music or film in the on-campus recording and TV Studio. In high school, you’ll bring your favorite characters to life in creative writing, start your own club or build your latest robot. 

At Portledge, developing the skill of authentic self-expression is important. Our students are encouraged to cultivate the important skills of listening and being open to honest, positive, and productive feedback. It means asking questions and learning to write and speak with confidence. With independent thinking as our lofty goal, we ask students to commit to contributing meaningfully to their school. Being able to express oneself in an articulate way is an important part of this process of academic independence.
Our community is rooted in the notion of inclusion. We seek to understand one another, learn mutual respect, and celebrate our differences. We strive to hold ourselves accountable to the principles of equity and diversity and to defend those principles when called upon to do so. This makes for an exciting and dynamic environment; one that works towards resolution in a productive and positive manner. In short, we seek to uphold the beauty and marvel of each of our students so that all voices around the table can be heard equally. This means addressing bigotry and prejudice when it appears and celebrating the varied accomplishments of all in whatever way possible. 
And so, from our diverse Portledge community to our consistently top-ranked sports teams; from our highly successful International Baccalaureate program to our evidence-based approach to teaching; from our inspired Early Childhood Program to the world-class studio art, musical and dramatic performances, you will find yourself more than adequately prepared for college. 
In recent years, seniors have headed off to schools such as Barnard College, Brown University, University of Toronto, Trinity College Dublin, Cornell University, Duke University, University of Virginia, Vanderbilt University, Yale University, Boston College, and many others. We are very confident that Portledge has prepared them for what's to come. 
During our nearly sixty-year history, Portledge School has increased enrollment, attracting top-level faculty, and welcoming engaged and productive students. We take the responsibility that you, as parents and guardians, place in us to help nurture your children academically, emotionally, and morally very seriously. You want the best for your children, and that is what Portledge School offers.
I trust you will want to find out what makes Portledge such a treasure to those who are involved in the school, and I invite you to learn more about Portledge School by viewing the pages of our website or by visiting the most beautiful independent school campus imaginable.

Simon Owen-Williams 
Head of School


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    Simon Owen-Williams 

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"Portledge graduates are successful, confident, caring, passionate, community-minded, tenacious and secure in their knowledge of how to make sound ethical decisions."