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College Counseling

We focus on providing personalized guidance and support to students as they navigate the complex college application process and explore their post-secondary options.

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A Rite of Passage

The college process is a rite of passage and, like any other transition, it can sometimes feel daunting or overwhelming, but we encourage students to focus on the exciting possibilities that lay before them. While most of the logistics of applying to college begin in 11th or 12th grade, we believe that the process itself starts much earlier, as students determine who they are through academic, extracurricular, and personal exploration. 

The most successful college process has, at its core, honest reflection and consideration of how you learn, what you love to do, what your goals are, and what makes you curious. Equally important is a consideration of the campus environment, community, and culture as these will have a significant impact on your experience and success in college. The College Counseling team at Portledge is here to support students as they grow and uncover more of their strengths, interests, and preferences.

At Portledge each student begins to engage in the college process as soon as they are ready but no later than the spring of the 10th grade through both group activities and 1-1 meetings. Students primarily meet with their Dean as a resource in the 9th and 10th grades. The Director of College Counseling conducts an in-depth meeting with each 11th grader individually and then in conjunction with their parents or guardians. The College Counseling Team works collaboratively to create an individualized approach to supporting each student through the process.

We truly enjoy helping students find colleges that are the best personal fit and presenting their best selves through the application. Our team looks forward to working with every Portledge student and family and welcomes you to be in touch anytime.

Consistent with the Portledge philosophy of encouraging life-long learning and our ultimate goal of truly preparing our students to excel in college and beyond, we believe that Upper School is a time of personal and academic exploration.
The Portledge Experience

Portledge’s Four Year College Counseling Program:

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  • 9th Grade: Focus on Planning and Decision Making

    • Ninth grade College Night focuses on how colleges evaluate, understanding choices and opportunities at Portledge School, understanding the standardized testing calendar, reviewing four year timeline.
    • Ninth graders may meet with their Upper School Dean at any time with questions regarding course schedules, extracurricular choices, summer plans, and to learn more about the college process in general
    • Ninth graders may opt into the PSAT and/or the preACT to gain standardized testing experience
  • 10th Grade: Focus on Exploring Options

    • Tenth grade college night features Admissions Officer speakers to learn about different types of schools and available options and encourages exploration.  
    • Tenth grade overnight class trip college tour in the spring with several grade level meetings in advance to prepare students to maximize this opportunity.
    • Tenth graders may meet with their Upper School Dean at any time with questions regarding course schedules, extracurricular choices, summer plans, etc. but have their first formal College Counseling meeting in May of this year.
    • Tenth graders may opt into the PSAT or preACT
  • 11th Grade: Focus on Finding Fit

    The college application process officially kicks off in the late fall with individual meetings between each student, their Dean, and the Director of College Counseling, followed by a family meeting to formally begin the application process.
    College Night focuses on organization, managing the process, and understanding the year ahead: ways to apply, deadlines, testing, logistics, SCOIR online application management program.

    College Counseling individual and group meetings will cover the following topics:
    • Self-assessment
    • Building a College List
    • College Visits
    • College Interviews
    • Application Strategy and the Common Application
    • Essays and Extracurricular Activity Presentation
  • 12th Grade:  Focus on Applying

    • College Night in September discusses immediate to-dos and longer-term considerations for the year.
    • Individual student and family meetings are scheduled as needed to support students working through the process with a particular focus on application completion and essay writing.


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  • Photo of Karen Crowley

    Karen Crowley 

    Portledge School
    Assistant Head of School / Director of College Counseling
    (516) 750-3215
  • Photo of Shelly Kaye

    Shelly Kaye 

    Portledge School
    Upper School Dean of Students
    (516) 750-3130
  • Photo of Shoshana Krieger-Joven

    Shoshana Krieger-Joven 

    Portledge School
    Upper School Dean of Academic Achievement / Assistant Director of College Counseling, 7/8 Tennis Coach
    (516) 750-3170
  • Photo of Robert Liberto

    Robert Liberto 

    Portledge School
    US Dean of Student Leadership and Development
    (516) 750-3187
  • Photo of Eden White

    Eden White 

    Portledge School
    Upper School Dean of Community Engagement
    (516) 750-3156
  • Photo of Jane Zisa

    Jane Zisa 

    Portledge School
    College Counseling/Development Associate
    (516) 750-3210
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