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The college process is a rite of passage and, like any other transition, it can sometimes feel daunting or overwhelming, but we encourage students to focus on the exciting possibilities that lay before them. While most of the logistics of applying to college begin in 11th or 12th grade, we believe that the process itself starts much earlier, as students determine who they are through academic, extracurricular, and personal exploration. We support this process through regularly scheduled meetings with students in 11th and 12th grade, and also with our office’s open-door policy. All Portledge students are always welcome to visit, ask questions, or schedule meetings.

The most successful college process has, at its core, honest reflection and consideration of how you learn, what you love to do, and what makes you curious. Equally important is a consideration of the campus environment, community, and culture as these will have a significant impact on your experience and success in college. (This is not a test or assignment you cram for overnight!) The College Counseling team at Portledge is here to support you as you grow and uncover more of your strengths, interests, and preferences.

We truly enjoy helping students find colleges that are the best personal fit and presenting their best selves through the application. Our team looks forward to working with every Portledge student and family and welcomes you to be in touch at any time.


Karen Crowley, Shoshana Krieger-Joven, and Jane Zisa
The Portledge School College Counseling Team

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"Consistent with the Portledge philosophy of encouraging life-long learning and our ultimate goal of truly preparing our students to excel in college and beyond, I believe high school is a time of personal and academic exploration.


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    Karen Crowley 

    Assistant Head of School / Director of College Counseling
    (516) 750-3215
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    Shoshana Krieger-Joven 

    Upper School Dean / Assistant Director of College Counseling, 7/8 Tennis Coach
    (516) 750-3170
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    Jane Zisa 

    College Counseling Associate
    (516) 750-3210