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Middle School

Our middle school is where students build the qualities, skills, and habits that prepare them to lead with purpose and meaning.

EXPLORE Academics

Welcome to Portledge Middle School! Middle School is a time in a child’s life when they experience many changes and begin to discover who they are and who they want to be. 

From sixth grade through eighth, our students develop the character and confidence necessary to achieve academically and succeed beyond our campus. Through various core course offerings, a robust electives and clubs list, and advanced tracking, students can take advantage of rigorous programs and experience the support of the professional staff through small class sizes. 

Students in the Middle School develop a deep sense of community, inclusivity, and foster lifelong relationships with their peers developing character traits rooted in the Pillars of Honor, Kindness, Purpose, and Respect. These guiding principles of our community are modeled by the faculty and staff, thus creating a culture where kindness is valued and celebrated. 

The many opportunities present in the Middle School allow students to discover and pursue their passions, providing them with the confidence to proceed with purpose! Inspiring teachers in the Visual Arts, Theatre Arts, Musical Arts, Athletics, and STEAM fields help students develop the foundational skills necessary to continue to engage with their passions. Club leaders in Chess, Model UN, and Robotics (to name a few), encourage students to take positive risks in new areas, unlocking skills and a love of learning. 

Every student that makes their way through Powers Courtyard and enters the Atrium each morning is cared for, known, and respected. As a student stated during their speech at the 2023 Eigth Grade Culminating Assembly, “Portledge is not just a place; it is a feeling!” That feeling begins for each student with their assigned Advisor, the open-door policy of the teachers, the commitment of the faculty coaches, and the meaningful connections between the students and their teachers. The feeling of being known and valued as a community member builds confidence and allows learning to take place. 

We’re glad you’re here! I know you’ll agree that Portledge Middle School is a special place for children to grow up.

Middle School Sample Schedules

Classrooms are learning spaces where risks are taken in an environment of mutual trust and understanding.
The Portledge Experience


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  • Photo of Chris Disimile

    Chris Disimile 

    Portledge School
    Director of Middle & Upper School
    (516) 750-3206
  • Photo of Brendan Sullivan

    Brendan Sullivan 

    Portledge School
    Assistant Director of the Middle School, Varsity Baseball Coach, Assistant Varsity Basketball Coach
    (516) 750-3185
  • Photo of Albert Intreglia

    Albert Intreglia 

    Portledge School
    Administrative Dean / Executive Assistant to the Head of School
    (516) 750-3214

School hours

6th - 12th Grade: 
8:20 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
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