Keep your eye on the prize

As you grow up you are often inundated with colloquial phrases by the adults in your world to help you learn key life lessons. These phrases are often simple and clear, and for a purpose,  universal understanding. (My dad is one of those motivational dads, so I grew up with a lot of these!)
Keep your eye on the prize is one of these adage phrases, aimed at helping you learn to stay focused and work hard towards a goal, but this phrase came to mind as I was thinking about Portledge and how I can introduce interested families, and maybe inspire you to come and see our school!
  • Your child: First and foremost, this refers to your child! At Portledge, we value each and every one of our students. All faculty here are motivated every day to challenge them, stretch them, help them grow as scholars, citizens and celebrate their accomplishments! We are lucky and excited to work with your child, it is a privilege and an honor. And that is felt by our kids, it motivates them, comforts them, and connects them. We pride ourselves on this!

  • Purposeful learning, Learning with a purpose: Second, this phrase speaks to me about the process of working towards a goal. The process of learning at Portledge is in some ways even more important than the outcomes. I love how our program and classroom environment teach our kids to work with purpose, while also making learning more purposeful. Right from the beginning students in our Lower school years grow into taking ownership of their studies, they collaborate with their teachers to know their learning targets and work hard to achieve them. In the upper levels, we push our students to develop areas of passion and interest in their studies and they work closely with teachers on how to integrate their ideas, interests, and goals into their learning, and even in their assessments. The relationship between student and teacher, along with the ways in which that relationship can personalize curriculum, motivates our students to work with greater purpose. They develop a stronger sense of focus as our faculty collaborate with them to align their learning with their passions, strengths, and goals.

  • A school of Vision: This phrase also rings true to the vision of our school. Portledge is a dynamic place. We are not stagnant, we are forward-looking, ever seeking to see what we can do to grow, improve and expand the student experience. The faculty, administration, and Board of Trustees, all in their own specific ways, are constantly looking at what we do well and what we can do even better, striving to be the best independent school on Long Island and rise the ranks of the entire metropolitan area. We are focused, we are driven.

  • Student Outcomes: And, this phrase also brings to mind Graduation Day, a culminating ceremony that we hold in the highest of importance. When we honor our students with a Portledge diploma, we think about what that means; what are the student outcomes and what do we as a school want our graduates to have become:
    • Citizens who embody our character pillars of Honor, Purpose, Kindness, and Respect
    • Scholars who have developed a high level of confidence in the critical skills needed to navigate college and university, who think independently, write with focus, embrace research, see and appreciate the world they inhabit and are inspired to pursue something they love so they can contribute meaningfully 
    • Thinkers who are open-minded
    • Members of a community who look out for others around them
    • Individuals who are in tune with themselves, with a strong moral compass, and focus on their own health and wellness
    • Alumni who love their alma mater, for all it is, and all it provided them
We are excited to open another year of admissions at Portledge and look forward to getting to know your family and sharing with you, Portledge.

Thank you for your interest, 

Michael Coope
Director of Admissions

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The Portledge student body is diverse in the students’ cultural background, geography, interests, talents, and abilities. Yet the student body is unified under a common theme: their love for Portledge.  "

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