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  • February

    Portledge Mock Trial Team Wins!

    Congratulations to our Portledge Panthers Mock Trial Team on their first win in five years!

    Thank you so much to Ms. Kleinman for her dedicated guidance and to all of the team members involved in bringing us to this rewarding moment!
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  • Portledge Robotics Advances...

    Congratulations to the two Portledge Robotics teams who will advance to the Regional Championship: Portledge Hit the Switch and Portledge Robotics.

    At the most recent Robotics qualifiers hosted by Locust Valley, four Portledge teams spent the two weeks from their first competition working on code to improve their autonomous programs, updating parts on the robot, fixing issues identified in the first event, and practicing driving.

    All four teams had an amazing showing, but the 1st place spot was earned this time by Portledge Hit the Switch! (Noah C., Lance L., Jameson W., Jeremy C., Jack F., Mathias G., Grant L., Ellis R., Costa Z., and Ishaan S.). The team put up the Highest Score of the day (before finals) of 157 points (Check out FTC Stats for full info) and is currently the second-highest score achieved on Long Island at any of the three qualifier events.

    Come support your Portledge Robotics teams on March 12th at Bethpage High School at the Regional Championships!
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  • Advanced Chemistry Reacts...!

    Earlier this month, students in Advanced Chemistry continued their exploration of chemical reactions with an experiment involving eight different chemical reactions. Students had an opportunity to create their own (very small) explosion and carried out and observed eight different reactions. They were able to observe different types of evidence for chemical changes, including color changes, formation of precipitates, formation of gas, and temperature changes. One of the reactions formed hydrogen gas which they could detect when it reacted with a flame creating a mini explosion. Other reactions produced carbon dioxide gas which they were able to detect when it smothered a flame. Thanks to Ms. Allen for sharing!
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  • January

    Honoring Dr. King - Messages from Traci Douglas & Simon Owen-Williams

    As we celebrate and honor the legacy of Dr. King, I am again struck by the correlation between the ideals of the civil rights movement and Dr. King’s work with the Portledge mission and pillars.
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