Senior Students Create TED-Ed Student Talks

by Portledge Parent, Valery Siegel
Recently, Milan Glass ’23, Will Siegel ’23, and Grace Wilson ’23 were members of a TED-Ed Student Talks Group. They completed the TED-Ed curriculum which includes identifying, developing, and sharing ideas in the form of short, TED-style talks. 
Milan Glass ’23: We all have been told to "Just do it!" when it comes to the tasks on our to-do lists, but it is easier said than done. Milan’s Talk takes a deep dive into why we procrastinate and how we can reduce our procrastination significantly by simply changing our mindsets. 
Will Siegel ’23: The controversial thought experiment Laplace’s Demon suggests all events in the universe are predetermined, and due to this, humans do not have free will. Will’s Talk explores the possibility of Technology and Artificial Intelligence making Laplace's Demon a reality in today's world.
Grace Wilson ’23: What is Child Protective Services, and how does it help or hinder children who have been abused or neglected? Grace’s Talk explains the root causes of child abuse and how you can help prevent such cases.  

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