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Charlotte Murrell '21
It’s hard to verbalize just how much IB impacted me, both in high school and in preparing me for my (almost complete) first semester of college. Not only did it provide a tight-knit group of friends, but it also transformed the way I approach learning – in terms of recognizing how I think and which learning methods are best suited for me.
Before IB, my time-management skills were less than ideal and I found myself doing most of my assignments last minute in the middle of the night, but by the end of the program, I became a huge fanatic of to-do lists. Despite its obvious academic benefits, I think that one of the most special parts of IB is the sense of community you’re able to form, both within the cohort and with teachers. Coming to school every day was genuinely a pleasure, knowing that I wasn't alone in whatever academic endeavor was up next – whether an IA draft or working on the EE. (Making the annual IB holiday card was obviously an added bonus, too.) I truly can’t imagine what my high school experience would have been like without IB, and I’m confident that I’m prepared for my next four years in college having experienced it.

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