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Portledge in the Now.

First Day of School 2023

The students at Portledge School experienced an unforgettable and wonderful day as they returned to school. The first day back to school was a highly anticipated event, marked by excitement, camaraderie, and the promise of new adventures.

For the early childhood students, the day began with laughter and wide-eyed wonder. The colorful classrooms and cheerful teachers greeted them with open arms in our brand new nursery entrance. Our smallest learners eagerly reunited with friends they hadn't seen all summer and made new ones as they embarked on their educational journey. 

As the students progressed to the Lower and Middle schools, the excitement continued to build. The hallways buzzed with laughter and animated conversations as friends reconnected and shared tales of their summer adventures. The classrooms were abuzz with activity, with teachers introducing engaging lessons that sparked curiosity and enthusiasm.

For the Upper School students, the first day back was a mix of nostalgia and anticipation. They marveled at how much they had grown since their early days at Portledge and embraced the challenges that lay ahead. The halls echoed with the sounds of eager conversations about college plans, extracurricular activities, and the opportunities that awaited them in the coming year.

Throughout the day, the sense of community at Portledge School was palpable. The day culminated in a school-wide Convocation where the Head of School, Student Body President, and Senior Class President, welcomed everyone back with inspiring words. At Convocation Seniors took center stage as they handed over pins to our 1st graders, symbolizing the bright educational journey ahead during our beloved Pillar Ceremony. It's a moment of tradition and unity that defines our Portledge community!

The students at Portledge School had a truly wonderful day as they returned to school, filled with anticipation, friendship, and the promise of growth and learning. It was a day that celebrated the unique journey of each student, from Early Childhood to Upper School, and set the stage for a year of discovery and achievement.
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