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Celebrating Joshua L. '27 for Outstanding Achievement in the John Locke Institute 2023 Global Essay Prize

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Portledge School is thrilled to celebrate Joshua L. '27's remarkable achievement as a semi-finalist in the Junior Category of the prestigious John Locke Institute 2023 Global Essay Prize. 

Reflecting on his experience, Joshua shared, "For me, this experience was truly eye-opening. It allowed me to explore diverse writing styles and gain new perspectives on literature. It provided me with invaluable exposure to the real world, enabling me to assess real-life situations through a fresh lens."

The John Locke Institute, renowned for its commitment to nurturing young minds and promoting critical thinking, received an unprecedented number of submissions this year. Amongst this formidable competition, Joshua’s essay emerged as a beacon of exceptional scholarship, securing its place on the esteemed shortlist.

Joshua's essay underwent rigorous evaluation by first- and second-round examiners, whose discerning judgment affirmed the superior quality of his work, leading to this momentous achievement.

The John Locke Institute extended Joshua an exclusive invitation to attend the awards ceremony at the historic Sheldonian Theatre, University of Oxford, on Saturday, September 16, 2023. This gala event not only unveiled the winners and runners-up but also provided Joshua with the opportunity to immerse himself in the rich intellectual tradition of Oxford.

Portledge School extends its heartfelt congratulations to Joshua for his extraordinary achievement. Joshua's journey to this point is a testament to his unwavering commitment to academic excellence, his ability to dissect complex ideas, and his gift for articulating profound thoughts with eloquence and precision.

In the spirit of our enduring commitment to nurturing and celebrating intellectual growth, Portledge School is eager to witness Joshua's continued success and is proud to have him represent our institution on the global stage. We have every confidence that Joshua's journey to Oxford was a transformative experience, further enriching his intellectual horizons and fostering his growth as a scholar and thinker.

Joshua's passion for writing, encompassing a wide array of creative forms, is evident in his dedication to crafting poetry, short stories, and even a novella. His proactive approach to discovering and seizing the essay competition opportunity showcases his independent spirit and commitment to honing his literary skills.

His journey to becoming a semi-finalist at this global competition has been long and rewarding. He began his pursuit of academic excellence early, participating in competitions since fifth grade. This achievement not only fulfills a dream of traveling abroad to receive an award but also represents the culmination of years of hard work and dedication.

As Joshua's advisor remarked, "I look forward to seeing what his next endeavor will be."

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