Dear Portledge Community,

With school back in session, there are lots of exciting things happening on the Portledge campus. The tree work has been completed and we will now turn our attention to the construction of the new on-campus roadway, which is included as part of our current Master Plan. As recommended by a professional audit and study, the new road will direct vehicles along the campus perimeter, allowing for optimal traffic flow, easier vehicle access, and, perhaps most importantly, eliminating the need for pedestrians to cross a road to get from one building to another. 

It is essential to mention that the new road is an integral component in the advancement of the Athletic, Health, and Wellness Center (AWC), as it will result in the creation of a "quad" that connects the Wellington Gym, the Commons, the Upper and Middle Schools and eventually, the AWC. 

With so much to look forward to as we begin this academic year, it is my wish that you all enjoy a wonderful summer. I also want to use this opportunity to once again thank you for your generous commitment to our school. Your philanthropic investment undoubtedly allows us to focus on the future that we want for all Portledge students. Please know that all at Portledge have immense gratitude for your efforts.  

As we move through the next few months, we will continue to update you on the status of the road and the progress of the campaign for the AWC.


Simon Owen-Williams Lindsey Barnett
Head of School Design and Construction Committee Chair