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Athletic & Wellness Center

Transform Your Body and Mind at Our State-of-the-Art Athletic & Wellness Center.

EXPLORE Development

Dear Portledge Community,

As you can see looking out over the Portledge fields, there are a lot of exciting things happening at the site of the Athletics and Wellness Center (AWC). The tree work and the new on-campus roadway have been completed which is included as part of our current Master Plan. As recommended by a professional audit and study, the new road will direct vehicles along the campus perimeter, allowing for optimal traffic flow, easier vehicle access, and, perhaps most importantly, eliminating the need for pedestrians to cross a road to get from one building to another. We have also completed the "quad" that connects the Wellington Gym, the Commons, the Upper and Middle Schools and eventually, the AWC. 

We have also begun to build the berm needed on the west side of campus along the AWC site. It is essential to mention that the new road and the berm are integral components of the building.

With so much to look forward to as we begin this academic year, it is my wish that you all enjoy a wonderful summer. I also want to use this opportunity to once again thank you for your generous commitment to our school. Your philanthropic investment undoubtedly allows us to focus on the future that we want for all Portledge students. Please know that all at Portledge have immense gratitude for your efforts.  

As we move through the next few months, we will continue to update you on the status of the road and the progress of the campaign for the AWC.


Simon Owen-Williams Lindsey Barnett
Head of School Design and Construction Committee Chair

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  • AWC Donors

    Mr. and Mrs. Larry Alper
    Rajni Misra and Abby Aman
    Mr. and Mrs. Christian Askeland
    The Bahnik Family
    Mr. Anthony Burachio
    Lindsey and Duke Barnett
    The Barrera Family
    Jennifer and Andrew Bell
    Jamie and Fran Biondi
    Tatiana and Martin Bloch
    Sarah and Christopher Blundin
    Halley and Adam Bodian
    The Borgia Family
    The Boyatt Family
    Donna and William Burke
    The Burman Family
    The Cammerer Family
    Barbara and Andrew Carlsen
    Andrea Carlsen and Wayne Marciano
    The Chen Family
    Kelly Chen
    Mr. Lidong Chen and Ms. Xiaoyun Tao
    Sharon and John Cobb
    Maria Gray and Allan Cohen
    CulinArt, Inc.
    Nelson DeMille
    Kimberly and Chris Dey
    Aimee DiBartolomeo
    Mr. and Mrs. Surfaraz Dinani
    Kristin and James Dolan
    Jennifer and John Duffy
    Denise and Kenneth Faltischek
    Wendy and Andrew Fentress
    Susan and Jack Foley
    Dr. and Mrs. Ahron Friedberg
    The Friedman Family
    Soraya and Robert Gage
    Kim and Peter Guo
    Mr. Robert Hare and Mrs. Kimberly Moglia-Hare
    The Hemley Family
    The Jain Family
    The Jiang Family
    Elizabeth and Boris Jordan
    Mr. and Mrs. Maz Khalfan
    Allison and Rob Kellan
    Chris and Alex Koundourakis
    Gwen and Joshua Kugler
    Chloe Yang and Yong Lee
    Elvina Levaya and Vladimir Levyy
    Mr. and Mrs. Alan Littman
    Mr. and Mrs. Teddy Lynn
    The Marcos Family
    Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Matthews
    Deena and Amit Mehta
    Michèle Bahnik-Mercier ‘93 and Kevin Mercier
    Samara and Adam Meshel
    Maryellen and William Mooney
    Susan and Jeffrey Lee Moore
    Mr. and Mrs. David Neugebauer
    Candace and Simon Owen-Williams
    Dana and Louis Pagliara
    Tiffany and Al Palagonia
    Angela and Christopher Paradysz
    Samantha and Joshua Ratner
    Amy Falls and Hartley Rogers
    Mrs. Walter L. Ross II
    The Rotolo Family
    Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ruggiero
    Jamie and Ari Sass
    Cathy and Andrew Scandalios
    Becky and David Schamis
    Pattianne and John Schnabel
    Zoe and Richard Schwam
    Deborah and David Shalam
    Katie Hangley and Howard Simon
    Mr. and Mrs. Aseem Srivastava
    Tracey and John Stacconi
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Strauss
    Xiao Yan Zhang and Fenghua Su
    Dilara and Renat Sukhov
    Dorthe and Truett Tate
    Mr. Harry Taylor '92 and Ms. Motoko Sakurai
    Mr. and Mrs. Kane Thornberg
    Michelle Giordano and Richard Valentine
    Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Van Pelt
    Dr. and Mrs. Artem Vaynman
    Elizabeth and Michael Venuti
    Mr. and Mrs. Aldo Verrilli
    Mr. and Mrs. John Vissicchio
    Kelly Walles
    Mr. Weixin Xia and Ms. Fangjin Wang
    Shawnée and Johnny Warfield
    Lisa and Lewis Warren
    Mr. and Mrs. Jason Wachtel
    James Wellington
    Ms. Kelly Walles
    Michelle and Don Wilson
    Bin Yan
    Valerie and Ed Yardeni
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Yarian
    Mr. Jianming You and Ms. Jing Zhao
    Mr. Chunkuang Tu and Ms. Akina Zhong


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  • Photo of Tara Askeland

    Tara Askeland 

    Portledge School
    Director of Development
    (516) 750-3205
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    Rachel Reeves 

    Portledge School
    Fundraising and Events
    (516) 750-3220
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    Vincent Catapano 

    Portledge School
    Alumni Relations
    (516) 750-3244
  • Photo of Jane Zisa

    Jane Zisa 

    Portledge School
    College Counseling/Development Associate
    (516) 750-3210
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